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Giant : MELVIN — 



Get ready for an extraordinary adventure in our upcoming video! Meet Melvin, an ordinary guy who finds himself in an incredible situation when a mysterious portal teleports miniature humans, just a few millimeters tall, into his home.

Follow Melvin as he clumsily navigates through his own house, going back and forth between the living room and the bathroom, with a pressing need to relieve himself. Meanwhile, these tiny people struggle to avoid a potentially crushing fate, all while remaining hidden from Melvin, who remains blissfully unaware of their presence.

This video promises hilarious moments, unexpected twists, and surreal encounters. The burning question is: Will Melvin ever discover the truth about these tiny guests who have invaded his space? Don’t miss this unique experience that will make you ponder the consequences of our actions, even the most mundane ones, in a world where size doesn’t always determine significance.”


Video in collaboration with the amazing : MacroProduction


🕒 Video Time : 06 min

💾 Video Size : 2Go


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