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“Antoine and Alban, two adventurous young men, dream of financing their trip to the USA by making money on the Internet. To achieve their goal, they come up with a unique idea of hosting live shows online. However, their journey takes an unexpected turn when an enigmatic Internet user presents them with a mysterious object capable of shrinking objects.

Intrigued by the potential for more significant earnings, the duo decides to test the mysterious object during their live show. Antoine becomes the brave volunteer and experiences multiple shrinkages. As they continue with their thrilling and attention-grabbing performances, the question lingers: will this newfound spectacle of shrinking objects lead them to their dream of traveling to the USA?

The story takes an exciting and suspenseful turn as Antoine and Alban navigate the uncertainties of the Internet world and the implications of experimenting with the intriguing yet enigmatic object. With their aspirations at stake, the two young men embark on an unpredictable journey filled with challenges, unexpected twists, and the hope of realizing their American dream.

As the live shows unfold and the potential for fame and fortune grows, Antoine and Alban must decide if the risks they are taking are worth the reward. Will the excitement of their shrinking act bring them the financial success they need to fulfill their dreams, or will it lead them down an entirely different path altogether?

Join Antoine and Alban on their gripping adventure as they navigate the virtual landscape, blend entertainment with mystery, and chase their ultimate goal of making it to the USA.”


Story original by Ezra on CoiledFist


🕒 Video Time : 20 min

💾 Video Size : 8Go


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1 review for NOTHING TOO GAY – Alban – Antoine

  1. Giant’s Toy (verified owner)

    Alban is an incredibly sexy and fun Giant! And there was the added bonus of some special effects with a tiny Antoine!
    Hope to see more of Alban soon!

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